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Lanseria to Upington

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Lanseria to Upington

lanseria to upington Home to National Parks, Namaqualand and Richtersveld, Upington is a great getaway city in South Africa. The Upington Airport has scheduled flights from across South Africa and this includes Lanseria Airport. Flights from Lanseria to Upington are under 2 hours long. Lanseria Airport is located to the north of Johannesburg and is in close proximity to service areas in the vicinity such as Pretoria, but people from other parts of Gauteng choose to use this airport instead of the OR Tambo Airport when flying in and out of the province. This is because

  • Lanseria Airport is privately owned which lowers the airport taxes payable by passengers
  • Lanseria Airport has a pretty good track record when it comes to being on time with their flights
  • Lanseria Airport has a 24 hour security across the entire airport
  • Lanseria Airport handles fewer flights which means there are fewer crowds and lines to put up with


How to book a flight from Lanseria to Upington

If your home base is within Johannesburg then you have the option of visiting an airlines station at Lanseria Airport. Airline staff will be happy to assist in finding the perfect flight from Lanseria to Upington for the days in which you want to travel. Just let them know your requirements, be it time or cost. Although this option means having an airline representative handle the booking it does require a trip to the airport.

If you do not have internet access then the next best thing is to go with a telephonic booking. Similar to visiting an actual store though you would be calling in to a representative of the airline at a call centre. Phone charges can rack up when going this route so to avoid this, try to have all necessary details written down along with payment details. Telephonically, is sometimes the only way to liaise with the airline when you would need special assistance when booking a flight from Lanseria to Upington. This can be in the case of letting the airline know that there would be a disabled person flying so that they can be prepared with the necessary measures. You can also use this option to contact the airline directly if you would be travelling in a group of 10 or more people to enquire on whether a reduced rate can be given to the group.lanseria to upington

To bypass the waiting periods associated with the above 2 options, go ahead and get your flight bookings from Lanseria to Upington done online. The Lanseria Airport website provides the perfect means to do so. In just minutes, you would be able to find a flight, give in the required details and make payment before having the flight confirmed. With the online option, there is also the easy way to amend your flight details so if you would want to add extra checked luggage, it can be done with the click of a button.


How to check into a flight from Lanseria to Upington

Around 2 hours before the flight departs, the check-in counters will open up for the flight from Lanseria to Upington. Staff will handle seating details, send checked luggage through and print out the boarding pass. It is a limited period of time so you would have to be at Lanseria Airport ahead of time to get a good spot in line.

A couple of hours before the counter opens up, the kiosks can be used to check into the flight from Lanseria to Upington. Here the passenger would use the touch screen device to enter in their booking number and then choose seating, declare luggage and print out the boarding pass. With this option, checked luggage will have to be dropped at the respective airline bag zone by the passenger.

24 hours before the flight from Lanseria to Upington departs, the online check-in portal opens up. The passenger would use this portal available on the airline’s website to check into their flight from home. As with the kiosk check-in option, passengers would have to take their checked luggage to the bag drop zone. This closes around half an hour before the flight departs.

All airlines give a maximum number of kilograms per passenger and if exceeded then a fine will be payable.

lanseria to upington


The 2 major airlines that provide flights from Lanseria to Upington are

  • Airlink- Airlink is an affiliate of South African Airways and is privately owned. The airline is known for tackling the smaller towns and cities of the country often overlooked by the larger airlines. When booking a flight from Lanseria to Upington on Airlink, customers have a choice between economy and business class seating. Meals and snacks are also given to passengers at no extra charge.
  • Kulula- Kulula is a budget airline so there is no choice between seating classes and no meals/snacks given to passengers. Passengers confirmed for Kulula flights will get a seat on a fully economy cabin, carry on and check-in luggage, friendly air service crew and the monthly Khuluma magazine which are all included in the ticket price. Snacks can be bought from the on board cafe in cash. Kulula was the first airline to offer low cost flighs to South Africans and are known the country over for their wicked sense of humour.


Extra Info

  • Guide dogs are allowed in the cabin area with their owners on flights from Lanseria to Upington though there is a limit of dogs per flight. Registered guide dogs travel free on airlines lanseria to upington operating from Lanseria to Upington.
  • Pets however, are not allowed in the cabin hold. They are transported in special carrier cases in the cargo section of the aircraft. As with guide dogs, airlines only allow a limited number of pets per flight.
  • If you have checked in early or have a delayed flight make use of Lanseria Airports open view viewing deck which allows you to oversee the runway area without the obtrusion of windows.
  • Or passengers can simply find a seat and make use of the Wi-Fi facility available throughout the terminal. A limited amount of data is given free.


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