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Lanseria to Sandton

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Lanseria to Sandton

lanseria to sandton Sandton is somewhat of a halfway point between the OR Tambo and Lanseria Airports. People from the city or those travelling there may prefer to use Lanseria Airport even though it is smaller for a few reasons. Traffic isn’t as heavy as the route to the OR Tambo Airport. Airport. Taxes are lower due to it being privately owned. The airport is smaller and services fewer people meaning less crowds. So you have arrived at Lanseria Airport and now need to get to Sandton. Let us explore some of the ways in which you would be able to make your way to Sandton.


The Ring and Ride Service

The ring and ride service was introduced as a means of having an easily accessible route to leave the airport if you are being picked up to go from Lanseria to Sandton. It works by having the person who will be picking up a passenger to be given a ring as to when the flight is landing. They schedule aside time for the flight and baggage pickup to then wait at the airport. A special area is available to these drivers right outside of the arrivals terminal of Lanseria Airport, which is free of parking fees for an hour. Passengers can hop right in as soon as they leave the terminal. This eliminates the hassle of having to use the parkade and having the passenger walk all the way there, and having to pay for use of the parkade as well.


Private Taxi from Lanseria to Sandtonlanseria to sandton

A taxi can be used to transport passengers from Lanseria to Sandton. Passengers will choose a taxi from outside of the arrivals terminal. Some taxis take cards as a method of payment while cash will be needed for others. You have to ensure to have either option available for payment if this is the way you would be using to get from Lanseria to Sandton.


Shuttle Service from Lanseria to Sandton

Shuttle services can be organized in advance. It a mix of both being picked up and using a taxi. Using a shuttle service to get from Lanseria to Sandton means you would have a car waiting for you upon landing at the airport. Payment can be taken care of in advance. Shuttle service drivers can also be requested to wait for you inside the arrivals terminal building with a placard stating your name. It is beneficial if you are using Lanseria Airport for the first time and are unfamiliar with the layout. The driver will walk you to the car. Shuttle services can be provided in either sedan or minibus vehicles. It will depend on the number of passengers that need to be transported from Lanseria to Sandton. Shuttle services are point to point, such as from Lanseria to Sandton, but they also offer chauffeurs who are available for set amounts of time such as for a half or full day. With this option, guests would have a chauffeured vehicle to get them anywhere they want within the city for the time limit they hire out the service.


Car Rental from Lanseria to Sandton

If you would be visiting Sandton then it would be the best route to go with renting out a car from Lanseria Airport. This way, you would have your own access to a vehicle from the point of Lanserialanseria to sandton to Sandton. Car hire from Lanseria Airport can be done for just a day if you are just in the city for a business meeting, a week if you are bringing the family for a holiday or for months long if you would be staying a while. Car hire will get you directly from Lanseria to Sandton without having to rely on anyone else. Of course you would have to be a licensed driver to go this route. The following companies operate car rental services out of Lanseria Airport.

  • Avis
  • First Car Rental
  • Europcar
  • Bidvest

As with shuttle services, car rental can also be booked and paid for in advance. The choice of vehicle will depend on the type of journey you will be having from Lanseria to Sandton.

  • If your requirement is budget, then you would need to go with a car with the cheapest daily rates. This is almost always from the hatchback car range.
  • If you would be requiring a bit more of a luxurious journey from Lanseria to Sandton, then go with a higher end luxury vehicle from the sedan or SUV range. They may be much more expensive to hire out but these are vehicles for which the latest modern amenities do not lack which makes the drive and ride so much better.
  • If you would need to transport a group of up to 15 people from Lanseria to Sandton, then go with a minibus vehicle.
  • Vans are also available in single and double cab and are useful to hire out if there is a need for space to transport around a lot of items from Lanseria to Sandton.

Along with vehicles there are other items which can be hired.

  • Child safety seats are a safety precaution every adult needs to take when road travelling with a baby or toddler. They have been proven to keep little ones safer in case the vehicle meets an lanseria to sandton accident. It is also illegal to not use one to transport a child.
  • Bicycle racks are an attachment which makes it possible for bicycles to be transported on the outside of a vehicle, saving up space for passengers or luggage on the inside.
  • Navigational systems are a godsend if you are not familiar with the Lanseria to Sandton route or the city thereafter. With verbal commands from the device, you will be directed to an address that is typed into it. With the device by your side during driving, there’s minimal chance of getting lost in Sandton.
  • Paraplegic hand controls make it possible for disabled people to be able to drive and can also be hired out, but they can only be used on certain cars in a rental companies’ range.

Always book your car rental as early as you can so that you can reserve the car that you want instead of having to settle for something else. If you are situated in another city then booking can be done over the phone or online.

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