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Lanseria to Pretoria

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Lanseria to Pretoria

lanseria to pretoria Lanseria is the airport of choice for people living in the northern areas of Johannesburg such as Pretoria. It is much closer for them to go here than to travel all the way to the OR Tambo Airport which is also located in the city. Many people visiting Johannesburg also like to make use of the airport for their flights due to the lower airport taxes.


Flying to Lanseria Airport

A number of airlines have flights into and out of Lanseria Airport to all major cities in South Africa. Customers have a choice of flying with a budget or premier airline

  • The premier airlines which can be used to book flights are South African Airways and British Airways. Their superior service has solidified their status as the flag carrier airlines for their respective nations. Booking a flight on one of these airlines gives passengers choice of booking a business or economy class seating. Passengers will also get a wider range of on board lanseria to pretoria entertainment amenities along with the airline flight magazine which is given to all passengers. A meal is given on all of their flights. Luggage that will be stored in the cargo area of the plane along with luggage that can be taken with the passenger on the flight is included in the ticket price.
  • The budget airlines which can be used to book flights to Lanseria are Mango and Kulula Airlines. These airlines have been a huge hit in the country providing cost effective ways for people to be able to fly cross country at reasonable pricing. A cheaper flight ticket means that some elements that are norm on premier airlines will be excluded on budget airlines. This includes an inflight meal though you would be welcome to purchase snacks during the flight. There would also be no choice between classes as budget aircraft are solely economy class. Passengers will get free luggage along with their seat when booking on these airlines.

Booking flights on these airlines can be done on the Lanseria Airport website. The Lanseria Airport website is a great and easy tool to book flights from all major cities in South Africa to Lanseria. The booking engine found here allows for users to search for all upcoming flights on the days that they would need to depart to and from Lanseria Airport. Once flights are chosen, they can immediately proceed to confirming the booking by providing a few extra details and payment. Booking a flight online beats having to travel to a ticket sales store or wait on the telephone to get through to an available consultant.

lanseria to pretoria

Getting from Lanseria to Pretoria

Landing in Johannesburg is one thing, there is also the issue of getting from Lanseria to Pretoria and also around in the city. Lanseria Airport provides shuttles which can be used to get from Lanseria to Pretoria or passengers can flag down one of the approved taxis. Another option would be to have someone you know in the city to pick you up from the pick-up zone at the airport and lanseria to pretoria drive you from Lanseria to Pretoria. If you do not know anyone in the city or do not care to pay the fees that come with ferried transport from Lanseria to Pretoria, then hire out a vehicle for your own personal use while in the city. With this option, you will always have a vehicle at your disposal immediately upon landing at the airport to get from Lanseria to Pretoria and during your stay in the city, and not have to worry about waiting for taxis to get to you nor making sure that you have constant cash on hand to pay the drivers. Vehicles can be booked from any of the many car rental agencies based at Lanseria Airport for long term use in the city, a week’s vacation or for just a day visit from Lanseria to Pretoria. Along with a choice of rental companies, Lanseria Airport passengers get a choice of vehicle that will best meet their requirement for road travel.

  • If you would need a budget car to travel from Lanseria to Pretoria, then its best to go with a hatchback vehicle. Models available at Lanseria Airport are small, reliable and comfy.
  • If you would need something a bit more substantial to get from Lanseria to Pretoria and the rest of the stay, then its best to go with a sedan. Sedans are also the vehicle of choice when using some car rental agencies chauffeur services.
  • If you would need a vehicle to ferry around up to 15 people from Lanseria to Pretoria then a minibus can comfortably accommodate this number of passengers.lanseria to pretoria

Getting from Lanseria to Pretoria takes around an hour and to ensure that you do not get lost, enquire about navigation systems when making your car rental booking at Lanseria Airport. They are just one of the additional hire items that are offered. If you would be bringing along your bike to Pretoria, then a bicycle rack will ensure that that it is sturdily attached to the outside of the vehicle and out of your way during driving. Another option to rent out would be a child safety seat. If a child would be travelling from Lanseria to Pretoria along with you, then ensure you have confirmed a child safety seat from the rental agency well in advance. They are always in demand nowadays, since it became the law in South Africa that these seats are the only acceptable way for kids to travel in a vehicle. Organizing your rental car for the trip to Pretoria can be done along with the booking for the flight. Not only will it make it easier to correspond dates but booking in advance will give you a better chance of landing the vehicle you want for driving from Lanseria to Pretoria. Waiting for the last minute might mean that all of the budget hatchbacks have already been hired out, leaving you stuck with an expensive option.


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