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Lanseria to PE

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Lanseria to PE

If you are looking to travel from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth, book a flight. It is much faster. Within Gauteng there are 2 airports to fly from to get to Port Elizabeth. An often overlooked, is Lanseria Airport which is based towards the north end of the province.  It is smaller, thereby offering a less stressful environment for check-in and boarding. Lanseria Airport Is private which means taxes are a little lower. If you do arrive early for your flight, then there are a lot of options available to you to ensure that you will not get bored from free Wi-Fi(limited amount, thereafter top-up), viewing deck, restaurants, lounges and duty free shopping.

lanseria to pe


The following airlines provide daily flights from Lanseria to Port Elizabeth.

Kulula- Kulula offers an affordable way to fly from Lanseria to PE. Their entire cabin consists only of economy class seating. Along with that, passengers will receive checked and carryon luggage and the Khuluma inflight magazine as part of the ticket price. Not included would be a meal or snacks served during the flight. Passengers would be welcome to order from the inflight café and pay for this in cash. Budget airlines such as Kulula have really taken off in South Africa because flights between cities such as from Lanseria to PE are so short and passengers don’t really feel that they are missing out on the extras.

British Airways- if you do like all of the extras such as an inflight meal and a choice between seating class, then British Airways can also be used for flights from Lanseria to Port Elizabeth. Their flights in South Africa are done through Comair and passengers will be treated to all of the luxury that the brand has become synonymous with.

South African Airways- Is South Africa’s flag carrier airline and provide the same amenities as its British counterpart. Flights from Lanseria to PE on SAA earns Voyager Club members, miles, which when accumulated can be used towards payment for a flight or a free flight altogether.


How to book a flight from Lanseria to PE

While you would be able to book a flight from Lanseria to PE by going to an airlines sales store or calling their sales centre, we would recommend that you go the online route. You would be able tolanseria to pe find and book a ticket from Lanseria to PE at any time of the day as there would be no closing times. Flight booking should not be left until the last moment to be done or you would end up paying the higher fees associated with purchasing the last few seats on a flights. Finding a suitable flight from Lanseria to PE can be done by using a flight search engine, which when given the details of dates and location will pull up all of the remaining flights from the various airlines. From this list you would choose one based on time of day or the price of the ticket. The flight will only be deemed confirmed once all fields requiring personal details are entered and payment has gone through. Payment methods include credit cards, EFT, store charge cards, SID, airline gift vouchers or points from a rewards programme. If you are a pensioner or student, then make use of this for discounted rates on your flight from Lanseria to Port Elizabeth.


How to check into a flight from Lanseria to PE

3 options are available for passengers to make use of to check into their Lanseria to PE flight. Check-in basically allows for passengers to declare any luggage they will be sending to the cargo hold, select their seating on the flight and have their boarding passes printed out. The choice of check-in method is whatever the passenger feels comfortable with.

  • The first is through the check-in desks at the airport. The advantage here is that the airline staff will handle the details. The drawback is that for local flights, check-in is only open from lanseria to pe around 2 hours before the flight departs and closes half an hour before, and there are also the long queues to contend with.
  • The second option is also available at the airport and this is through touch screen kiosks. They open a bit earlier than the above option and there are shorter queues. The drawback is that you would have to handle all details yourself, though for seasoned traveller’s this is really simple, and also take checked luggage to the drop zone from where it will be loaded onto the plane.
  • The third option would be to do it online. This is open from around 24 hours before the flight from Lanseria to PE departs. Going with this option would give you an earlier chance to secure a seating of choice, get check-in for you flight over and done with and have less tress at the airport. The only drawback would be having to take any checked luggage to the drop zone yourself. Although you would bypass all of the other elements of check-in at Lanseria Airport, you would still need to be in time because this closes half an hour before the flight departs, so that airline staff have enough of time to load the plane. Remember to bring along your boarding pass which you had printed at home.


Additional Info

  • lanseria to pe Guide dogs- guide dogs travel free on flights from Lanseria to PE. Only a set number of dogs are allowed per flight. Documentation is necessary to prove the dog’s guidance status.
  • Pets- pets not conforming to the above status are not allowed to travel in the passenger cabin, due to the safety of other travellers. They will be transported in the cargo hold.
  • Luggage- most airlines that offer local flights give passengers both carryon and checked luggage as part of the ticket price. Additional luggage weight can be bought if needed.
  • Medical clearance- passengers with major ailments or in the later stages of pregnancy will require medical clearance to be allowed to fly from Lanseria to Port Elizabeth.



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