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Lanseria to George

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Lanseria to George

lanseria to george The town of George is a popular stop on the Garden Route tour as it is the halfway point between the 2 end points of the route, namely Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town. The quaint town is also great for a quiet getaway. If the busyness of Cape Town is not your thing, then George provides the perfect nearby solution. The town may be known for its relaxed atmosphere but don’t be fooled, it’s also a playground for South Africa’s jet set crowd. The George Airport handles only local flights but their passenger count exceeds over half a million every year. It is one of the top rated airports in South Africa and has won the South African Airport of the Year Award 6 times. George does not only have to be visited for a quiet holiday away. The town hosts may prominent events throughout the year from the George Car Show to the George Cheese Festival among others which are highly anticipated events on many people’s calendars.


Getting from Lanseria to George

Many people going to George on holiday do the Garden Route road trip, but once is more than enough for some and others simply want to get to George faster to get started with their holiday and also have more time in this wonderful town. Therefore air travel from Lanseria to George is the way they choose to go. Flights from Lanseria to George take around 2 hours which really is not much travel time, compared to an entire day’s worth of driving. Many airlines conduct flights from Lanseria to George but the following 2 are the major players on this routelanseria to george 5

  • Airlink – Airlink is an airline aimed at servicing South Africa’s smaller towns. Airlink provides all of their passengers with their monthly magazine, Skyways. As a co member of Star Alliance, passengers will earn Voyager Miles when flying with Airlink. These miles, once accumulated to a certain figure, can be redeemed for free flights and other fantastic rewards.
  • Kulula – Kulula is just one of the many low cost airlines in South Africa but being the first to operate in the country along with their jovial nature makes them a top choice for people when they are looking for flights. Kulula describes themselves as a no-frills airline and are proud to offer just the bare minimum on a flight from Lanseria to George. With Kulula, passengers will get a reliable flight with a good track record of keeping to schedule, friendly in flight staff, both carry-on and checked luggage, the Khuluma magazine and the option to purchase snacks during the flight. There is no choice between cabin classes as all seating is done in one cabin of an economy setting.

lanseria to george

Booking the flight from Lanseria to George

All upcoming flights from Lanseria to George can be found and booked on the Lanseria Airport website. When using the airport website to find flights from Lanseria to George, the advantage is that all upcoming flights from all of the airlines will be laid out. This wider choice gives customers access to finding the cheapest possible flight from Lanseria to George or the one that is closest to the time of day that they want to travel. Travel time is important to take note of when booking flights because peak times are busier and their ticket prices are higher than off peak times say in the middle of the day or late at night. Available flights can be found on the flight search engine after entering the date and city of departure and arrival and number of passengers. From the list of flights from Lanseria to George provided, you can go ahead and pick one of your liking. The next couple of steps to completing the booking will see you giving in personal/contact details and making payment. Also any additional factors can be done at this point or added later on such as extra checked luggage or pre-selecting a prime position seat with extra leg room. Confirmation of the booking of the flight from Lanseria to George will be sent by email. This is important to keep as the booking number will be required during the check-in process.

lanseria to george

At Lanseria Airport

There are 2 options for checking into a flight at Lanseria Airport.

  • At the airport – this trusted method still holds loyal for many travellers who prefer that airline staff tackle their check-in. Check-in for flights from Lanseria to George open 2 hours before the flight takes off. Passengers are warned to be at the airport around the start of this time to make up for any queues that might form. It can cause panic and a rush to the airport to be on time but counter staff will do all of the work on your behalf from inputting your seat selection, to printing out the boarding pass to sending luggage to the loading zone. There is lots to do if lanseria to george passengers have checked into their flight from Lanseria to George and have some time to spare before the boarding gates open. Lanseria Airport has many shopping venues, restaurant choices, free limited Wi-Fi and an open view runway viewing deck.
  • Through the internet – the new age method has taken off in South Africa with more and more people turning to checking into their flight this way. It can be done by logging onto your flights airline website and clicking through to the online check-in portal. You would be required to provide some identification details, among them the unique number received during booking confirmation. There is a much wider window to check-in this way, a whole day before the flight departs. This would also give passengers who book early a better opportunity to select their seating of choice on the flight. Passengers for the Lanseria to George flight would be responsible for printing out their boarding pass and ensuring that any checked luggage gets to the bag drop zone in time. Passengers with no checked luggage to declare must still be at the airport in time to board their aircraft.


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