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Lanseria to Bloemfontein

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Lanseria to Bloemfontein

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lanseria to bloemfontein The city of Bloemfontein stands roughly towards thr east coast of South Africa. It is the capital city of the province in which it lies, the Free State. Bloemfontein is a wonderful travel experience with an emphasis on cultural diversity and old fashioned family values. Notable spots to visit in Bloemfontein are

  • Boyden Observatory
  • Naval Hill
  • Windmill Casino
  • Bloemfontein Zoo
  • Kings Park Arts and Crafts Market
  • Lock Logan Waterfront

Bloemfontein can be accessed by rail, road or air. Flying offers the fastest means and if you book via a low cost airline, then it is quite affordable as well. Road travel may seem cheaper but petrol and toll fees can really add up, not to mention you would have to factor in a lot of hours for the drive from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein. If you would be travelling from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein via flight, try Lanseria Airport. Flights are available every day from Lanseria Airport to Bloemfontein. Airport taxes are a little lower owing to it being private and since it is operates fewer flights, there are less people and stress to look forward to.


Airlines which offer flights from Lanseria to Bloemfontein

  • Kulula- if you want to fly from Lanseria to Bloemfontein on a budget then this is the airline to make use of. Kulula was the first low cost airline to provide flights in South Africa and have lanseria to bloemfontein proven their worth with over a decade of reliable service. With Kulula, passengers will get a self-confessed no frills flight with just the basics required from a flight from Lanseria to Bloemfontein. This will include a seat on a fully economy class plane, both checked and carry-on luggage and free reading material in the form of Kulula’s hilarious monthly published magazine. The exclusion of an in-flight meal has not really been an issue seeing as flights between cities in South Africa are so short in nature. On Kulula, there is the option of purchasing snacks during the flight.
  • South African Airways- if you would need more choice on your flight from Lanseria to Bloemfontein then this is the airline to book with. SAA is South Africa’s flag carrier airline and they make it their mission to honour this title with outstanding service delivery. With SAA, passengers would get a choice between business and economy class seating during their booking. Economy class ticket holders will receive a seat on the plane, carry-on and checked luggage, the Sawubona in-flight magazine and meals and snacks. Business class passengers will have access to the SAA lounge at Lanseria Airport as well as added weight for their checked luggage and will board the flight from Lanseria to Bloemfontein first.


lanseria to bloemfontein Flying on a Budget

Flying can be done on a budget with some wise planning on your part. First of all, book your tickets as early as you can. When flights first open up, demand is generally low, so the prices are low as well. As the flight date nears, demand increases and so do the prices. Do your booking online so that you would be able to select the price option to list the cheapest flights first which you can then choose from. Plan for your flight from Lanseria to Bloemfontein to be done on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday which is when flights are cheapest. Keep away from weekends and Fridays and holiday periods as these are always busy. Take pensioners and student discounts into account. Look around to see whether you are a member of an airlines partner programme which will give you access to discounted tickets from Lanseria to Bloemfontein by providing this membership number during booking. Flight specials are offered all the time. To keep in the loop on this, get your name on an airlines mailing list to receive their monthly newsletter or follow their Twitter or Facebook feeds.


Flying from Lanseria to Bloemfontein

First off, you would have to find a flight from Lanseria to Bloemfontein. This can be done online, such as on the Lanseria Airport website, where you would have direct access to all flights which still have seats to be purchased. You would then select one from all options given and proceed to confirm the flight by making payment and giving in a few personal details for identification purposes. Once approved, you will be emailed the booking number. This is the number that will be used when you are checking into your Lanseria to Bloemfontein flight. There are 3 options out of Lanseria Airport

  • Online- which can be done from 24 hours before the flight is scheduled to depart. Use the booking number on the online check-in portal where you would be able to access your flight lanseria to bloemfontein information and then declare any checked luggage, select your seat on the plane and print out your boarding pass. The boarding pass, along with identification will be needed to pass through security when boarding the flight from Lanseria to Bloemfontein.
  • Kiosk- which can be done at touch screen machines located at Lanseria Airport. It is self-service and you would essentially be following the same process as the online option but would be doing it at the airport. With the online and kiosk check-in option, you would have to take your checked luggage to the bag drop zone yourself.
  • Counter- which can be done at an airlines check-in station. For flights from Lanseria to Bloemfontein, it only opens up around 2 hours before the flight departs and you would need to be in line timeously as it closes half an hour before the flight departs so that there is enough of time to load luggage onto the flight before passenger’s board. With this option, luggage is sent straight through to the bag drop zone.

The last step would be to board the plane which is done at the boarding gates. Before passengers are sent to the plane, they are required to go through security with carryon luggage also being screened. The boarding pass along with identification must be provided at this point.

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