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Lanseria Taxis

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Lanseria Taxis

Lanseria Airport has a lot of options available to passengers when it comes to being ferried out of the airport. Buses, car rental, taxis or shuttle services are available at the airport and are at the lanseria taxis passenger’s choice. Buses require a bit of a wait as they run scheduled stops between Lanseria Airport and popular spots around the city. Not only do some people not like the short waiting period but also the fact that they will not be dropped off exactly on the doorstep of their hotel or home. Car rentals are a popular choice especially from the airport as people can book their vehicle ahead of time and simply drive off from the airport with this hired vehicle. The issue here is the wait in line to see a consultant to sign off on paperwork after providing identification. Many people simply do not like dealing with this hassle straight after stepping off a plane. Lanseria taxis provide the perfect solution for these travellers upon landing at the airport. Lanseria taxis can be arranged ahead of time so you would not need to go about finding one but rather have one waiting especially for you.


About Lanseria Airport

Although the smaller airport choice when travelling to Gauteng, Lanseria Airport is fast becoming the preferred choice for people travelling to Johannesburg. Lanseria is a privately owned airport making airport taxes generally lower than that of Johannesburg airport. Lanseria Airport is South Africa’s only private airport capable of handling international flights. Private aircraft prefer to land here because of the larger privacy aspect. Being smaller, it also handles fewer passengers giving a less stressful vibe to the airport and shorter queues to follow. Thousands of people travel to Johannesburg daily as it is the economic hub of South Africa. Many choose Lanseria Airport to get them into the city. There is not a huge difference in drive time to get to their destinations and could be even shorter if people are travelling to areas such as Sandton and Randburg.


Lanseria Taxis

The only authorized taxi provider at Lanseria Airport is the Lanseria Airport Taxi Services. They offer all types of vehicles and are available 7 days a week. The following vehicles can be booked from Lanseria taxis.

  • Basic taxi- basic Lanseria taxis can be used to be transported from Lanseria Airport to destinations in Gauteng.
  • Luxury cars- luxury cars are available for chauffeur services. Unlike our taxi service which gets you from point to point, our chauffeurs are available to you for the period in which you hire the service out.
  • Group vehicles- a group vehicle can transport up to 7 people. A reliable vehicle of this nature from Lanseria taxis allows for a group to be transported in one go. This can be a drop off from a night on the town or for a group needing to get to a workshop in Johannesburg.
  • Disabled access taxi- some of the Lanseria taxis feature this facility which allows for easy access for disabled passengers to be able to get into the vehicle.

lanseria taxis

Why Choose Lanseria Taxis

  • They have Transport Board Registration
  • Certificate for road worthy vehicles. Passengers are therefore ensured that they will be transported in vehicles that have passed safety inspections.
  • Permits for all of their drivers.
  • Lanseria taxis only hire experienced drivers. Our drivers have been sourced for their years of driving experience along with safety record.
  • Liability insurance for all passengers
  • Lanseria taxis are known for reliable on time service. Count on us to get you to your meeting or hotel on time and then again when you are flying home from Lanseria Airport

lanseria taxis

Booking Lanseria Taxis

Bookings for Lanseria taxis can be done online. This convenient method allows for you to book Lanseria taxis from anywhere at any time as long as you have access to the internet, and ensure that you would have transport in Lanseria.

  • For transport to the airport, Lanseria taxis will collect you from your home/hotel around an hour before your flight check-in time.
  • For transport to trains and buses you will be collected by our drivers around 45 minutes before the departure time
  • For transport to a meeting, Lanseria taxis will collect you around half an hour prior to the start time of the appointment.

A full price list of destinations serviced by us to and from Lanseria Airport can be found on our website.

The following details will need to be entered into the Lanseria taxis booking form

  • Name
  • Surnamelanseria taxis
  • ID Number
  • Cell phone
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Method of payment (cash, cash deposit, EFT). If you will be paying for Lanseria taxis in cash, then they may do so directly with the driver who will accept the payment in the vehicle.
  • Transport pick up and drop off points- you will need to state whether you would need transport to or from the airport as this affects the time of pick-up. Time needs to be allocated for check-in or baggage collection.
  • Number of passengers
  • Flight details
  • Baby seat- if you would be bringing along a baby or toddler with you on the trip to Johannesburg then you would have to let us know so we can have a baby seat available for you. It is against the law to transport children in vehicles without the use of one.


The Meet and Greet Service

This service from Lanseria taxis will have a driver waiting for a passenger in the arrivals terminal of Lanseria Airport. The service is available 7 days a week for all incoming flights. The driver will be waiting with a white board with the passengers name on it. The purpose is so that the passenger does not have to go looking for the vehicle when they exit the terminal building. The service is great for people who are visiting the city for the first time and need help getting acquainted. Once they notice the sign with their name on it, they may proceed with the driver directly to the taxi.



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