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Lanseria to Cape Town

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Lanseria to Cape Town

Flying from Lanseria to Cape Townlanseria to cape town

With its allure of the sea and multiple famed tourist attractions, Cape Town has long been a holiday draw for city dwellers in Johannesburg. Flying provides the best means of transport to getting to Cape Town from Lanseria. It is the fastest, and when using a budget airline, is cost effective as well. A number of airlines operate out of Lanseria Airport with the following offering daily flights from Lanseria to Cape Town.

  • Mango Airlines – Mango is a state owned budget airline. Passengers can expect a uniform economy seating flight with a free in flight reading material given to each passenger. On budget airlines, passengers have the option of ordering snacks from the on board cafe which can be paid for in cash. Some Mango aircraft are equipped with Wi-Fi capability giving passengers access to the internet during the flight. Flights on Mango count towards Voyager Miles.lanseria to cape town
  • Kulula Airlines – like Mango, Kulula is also a budget airline which means that a seat on the flight from Lanseria to Cape Town, carryon luggage and check-in luggage and airline magazine is all you would get. Kulula is South Africa’s fun airline and it is evident in their wicked green branding, humorous magazine and jokester pilots.
  • South African Airways – South Africa’s national carrier airline provides their customers with some extras such as cabin class choice as well as an inflight meal which is not offered on budget airlines. Voyager Miles is their loyalty club giving frequent passengers access to a hoard of goodies.
  • British Airways – British Airways brings all the class and eloquence of Britain to the South African market through Comair. Flights provide the same amenities as SAA.

Those who have flights from Lanseria to Cape Town are required to check into them before being able to board the plane. The following check-in options are available at Lanseria Airport

  • Online – airlines have introduced this option for those who want to get their check-in over and done with early so not as to rush to the airport and get stuck in those lines. Furthermore it opens up 24 hours before a flight giving passengers an earlier opportunity to book their seat of choice on the plane. With this option, passengers will have to print out the boarding pass themselves. If there is check-in luggage for the flight from Lanseria to Cape Town then it is the passenger’s duty to take it to the bag drop zone which closes half an hour before flight lanseria to cape towndeparture. If there is no check-in luggage then passengers can arrive at the airport and proceed straight to the boarding gate and board their flight.
  • Counter – the online option has still not been accepted by many fliers who prefer to let airline staff process their check-in. Here, passengers will have to be at the airport 2 hours prior to their flight departing to Cape Town to have ample time to make their way through the queues. Airline staff will enter the selected seats into the system, print out the boarding pass and send all luggage to the loading zone.
  • Kiosk – kiosks are situated in the departures terminal and is a way for passengers flying from Lanseria to Cape Town to bypass queues and process the check-in themselves. Here as well, passengers will have to drop off any check-in luggage at the drop zone.

Once approved, passengers may make their way to the boarding gates which opens up around half an hour before the flight departs. Passengers will hand in the boarding pass they have received during check-in and pass through security. Any carryon luggage must also go through security. Passengers who are carrying items deemed a potential threat, will result in having those items confiscated.


How to book the flight from Lanseria to Cape Town

Airlines offering flights from Lanseria to Cape Town allow a varied means for their customers to be able to book their flight, among them telephonically, physically at a store or through the internet. Not surprisingly, many people choose the online route to book their flights from Lanseria to Cape Town because it means it can be done at any place with internet connectivity, and lanseria to cape townwithout any queues, a booking can be processed within minutes. Flights from Lanseria to Cape Town can be booked on the airlines website but to get a broad spectrum of all flights for the day in which you would want to fly and have a greater yield of results from which to make a final choice, then it is advised to visit a site such as the Lanseria Airport one. All upcoming flights from all airlines operating from the airport will be pulled up when customers enter in the dates they want to fly from Lanseria to Cape Town. The greater amount of choice then allows for customers to be able to choose the cheapest flight from Lanseria to Cape Town or one which is closest to the time of day they would want to travel. Booking a flight from Lanseria to Cape Town is simple enough and even first timers will find the site easy to navigate. Booking is done in a series of steps. You would first have to pull up all of the upcoming flights which still have empty seats. Choose one. You would then be asked to add on any extra items needed for the flight. Next step is providing personal and contact details. These are all in a form format and would just need to be filled out. The final step is to make payment. Depending on the airline of choice, payment can be done via credit card, store charge card, EFT or internet banking. Once payment is approved, a booking confirmation email will be sent with the unique booking number to be used during check-in. Always try to book as soon as you know you are likely to travel to Johannesburg. Last minute flight bookings are rather expensive.



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