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lanseria airport weather The area of Lanseria is located in the northern part of Gauteng. It is most widely known for the Lanseria Airport which is the only privately owned international airport in South Africa. Although the airport is popular with private aircraft both local and international, a lot of commercial flights operate out of it as well with major airlines such as the likes of Kulula, Mango, SAA and British Airways who have daily flights to and from Lanseria Airport to many other cities in South Africa. It is located just around half an hour away from the Johannesburg Airport but for 2 reasons many people prefer to use Lanseria Airport when flying into or out of the city. The first is from the fact that it is a private airport which means that passengers pay less in the form of airport taxes. This isn’t always the case, but for the most part flights out of the airport are cheaper than Johannesburg Airport. The second is because of its size. Being smaller and servicing fewer passengers, there is a faster check-in time and fewer queues to deal with. The airport is popular with those flying from areas such as Pretoria but many people going to and from Johannesburg make the trip to Lanseria Airport for these reasons. The terminal building is Wi-Fi capable and gives visitors a limited amount of free data with a top-up facility if needed. Other entertainment options to pass time at the airport include restaurants and shops or simply enjoying the panoramic views of runway activity from the wide open viewing deck. Lanseria Airport weather, like most areas in South Africa is good year round with the exception of the winter months which can be very cold and afternoon thundershowers in the summer months. Visiting the area is best done in summer to take advantage of tourist spots such as the Cradle of Mankind and the nearby Lion Park.


The Climate around the Lanseria Airport

Lanseria has a temperate climate with an average level of warm summers and cold winters. Lanseria Airport weather patterns show the following distinctions during the warmer and colder lanseria airport weather seasons.

  • The warm season runs from September to January with the hottest days occurring around the end of December. South Africa’s summer months occurs from December to February. Rains are more frequent during this period as well with a high amount from thunderstorms in particular which are responsible for some flight delays at Lanseria Airport.
  • June and July is regarded as the cold and dry season in Lanseria. The humidity rate is not very high during this period and rains are also less frequent and happens in a very light form.



Flights delays because of Bad Weather

Now while Lanseria Airport has a pretty good track record when it comes to keeping on schedule, delays are due to happen from time to time due to technical issues or bad Lanseria Airport weather conditions. This can be avoided to an extent by a bit of planning on the part of the traveller when booking flights from Lanseria Airport. Thunderstorms for example do cause the most amount of turbulence during a flight and if it is a severe storm then there could be hours’ worth of a delay. Lanseria Airport weather indications, along with the general climate of the area shows lanseria airport weather that most thunderstorms occur during the summer months. It would be wise to consult a forecast for Lanseria Airport weather to be in the know of what type of weather is expected around the time that you would need to fly into or out of Lanseria Airport. Therefore you would get a chance to choose a day which will have the least chance of having your flight delayed due to bad weather conditions. People who will be travelling to Johannesburg on holiday will have a choice of days on when they would want to visit. Since Lanseria Airport is used daily by business folk coming into the business hub of the city and have no choice on the day they would be flying in. Take a look at the time of day that a thunderstorm has been estimated to occur. Historically this has been shown to happen in the afternoon so schedule a flight earlier in the day to avoid this. Along with having clearer weather conditions in the morning, there is also the logistical expectation to take into account for the day. When flights are delayed due to bad weather, this sends a ripple effect through the entire schedule of the airport, delaying flights throughout the day. The earlier the flight you have booked, the earlier you would depart from Lanseria Airport if delays do happen.


The Lanseria Airport Weather Featurelanseria airport weather

For a reliable consult of weather condition in the Lanseria are, you can always make use of the Lanseria Airport weather feature. It can be accessed on the Lanseria Airport website with up to date details of the weather. Here you would find the Lanseria Airport weather patterns for the day. The first thing visitors to the page will notice is the temperature to expect upon landing at Lanseria Airport. South Africa uses the Celsius degrees system and from this figure you would get an idea of exactly how hot or cold the airport and surrounding areas are going to be. Wind conditions are also noted. A detailed daily description can also be viewed for the day with the highest and lowest temperatures expected for the day. A few words and visual aid will further clearly explain Lanseria Airport weather conditions from windy, rainy or a clear sunny day. The Lanseria Airport weather feature takes it one step further and provides picture descriptions along with temperature details in 3 hour increments for the day. Wind and precipitation conditions are also noted in the 3 hour detail. The Lanseria Airport weather page provides weather details for the following 3 days as well so if you would be staying in town for a couple of days, you would know what to expect and to pack clothing for.