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Lanseria Airport Shuttle Service

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Lanseria Airport Shuttle Service

Reasons to fly via Lanseria Airportshuttle from lanseria to or tambo

Lanseria Airport is a modern, private airport that is not operated by the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA). Unlike OR Tambo, it is near to not only Johannesburg but also close to the following city and regional hubs, should you be visiting friends and family:

  • Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa. Many Home Affairs and other buildings are situated here.
  • The West Rand, an emerging hub of commercial enterprise attracting significant investment
  • The North-West province.

A Lanseria Airport shuttle service is easy to find or prebook. They are not in short supply. You’ll get from point A to point B safely, on time, and quickly. This is hardly surprising, given the airport’s commitment to professionalism, being the only other accredited airport other than OR Tambo in Gauteng.

There is lots to explore in each of the three regions near Lanseria if you utilise a Lanseria Airport shuttle service.

Lanseria Airport Shuttle Service

Why choose Lanseria over OR Tambo?

First, let’s look at why increasing numbers of passengers, even the jet-set crowd, are choosing Lanseria Airport over OR Tambo:

  1. The airport is smaller than OR Tambo and sleek in design, making it much easier to navigate. No more fighting with hoardes of other arrivals!
  2. Lanseria Airport has ample parking over three decks, a well run and monitored drop-and-go zone and features a three-deck parkade, dedicated drop-and-go facility, and its own Lanseria Airport shuttle service.
  3. The airport has undergone an expensive upgrade, which subsequently scored it some of the best safety and emergency response scores in Africa.
  4. Transport is simply no hassle or barrier to getting around. Besides the Lanseria Airport shuttle service, there are private charter companies – both flight and road – as well as VIP services, ring-up-a-ride style services and more.Lanseria Airport Shuttle Service
  5. It is less expensive to book a flight to Lanseria than to OR Tambo – a big consideration! This is due to the lower airport taxes, as Lanseria is not part of ACSA.
  6. Most other airports don’t offer any free parking and you have to utilise the drop-and-go section. Lanseria’s ring-and-ride concept lets you have one hour free parking.
  7. Enjoy the free newspapers, tea and coffee on offer!
  8. The duty free shopping is surprisingly good for such a small airport – just minus all the bustle of a very busy airport.
  9. The road access in and from Lanseria has been upgraded and is in good condition. Getting to major attractions such as Sun City, Lion’s Parka and the Cradle of Humankind, especially using Lanseria Airport shuttle service, is quicker than from OR Tambo.
  10. The airport handles a surprisingly big amount of international traffic, and is also serviced by major local carriers such as Kulula and Mango airways.
  11. Thanks to the Lanseria Airport shuttle service, it is a great alternative to get to places like Mmabatho in the North-West. Flying to OR is more expensive and will take you longer by road, and flying to Mafikeng airport is likely to be between 20% to 35% more expensive, depending on the time of year.


Lanseria ring-and-ride

So, what is Lanseria’s innovative ring-and-ride concept, and how do you get one hour’s free parking? This is a waiting area in which you or any service provider allied to the Lanseria Airportshuttle from lanseria to or tambo shuttle service can safely rest in your car while you are waiting to pick someone up.

You’ll find it at the entrance to the airport, on the entrance road, in fact. It is close to both the drop-and-go area as well as the paid parkade.

The person whom you’re picking up should call you from their cellphone, and let you know they’ve arrived. One you’ve received the call, simply make your way to the drop-and-go area to pick up your friend or family member – it’s that simple! Best of all, you can wait in your car for up to one hour and then leave, without having to pay.


Mall of Africa – a big business opportunity

Since quite a few travelers coming in to Lanseria Airport are business travelers, it is worth highlighting the Mall of Africa in the mixed-development use Waterfall City precint between Johannesburg and Pretoria.

When the development was hailed as the biggest would-be shopping mall in Africa when it was announced in 2013, it became clear that this reality was achieved when the complex opened in 2013. It is a trendy take on modern shopping and if it’s a retail opportunity or franchise you’re looking for, you’d do well to start here. Regarding retail specifically, the Mall features the who’s who of retailers.

Using the Lanseria Airport shuttle service to get to the complex will only take you 38 minutes in normal traffic on the N1.

Lanseria Airport Shuttle Service

Use a shuttle from lanseria to OR Tambo

If you’ve flown in specifically to Lanseria and found yourself happily occupied with the many attractions, but need to get to OR Tambo for onward travel, you can easily book a shuttle from Lanseria to OR Tambo. There are no shortage of pre-booked or dial-up ride services, including Uber, but there’s also a dedicated shuttle from Lanseria to OR Tambo.

shuttle from lanseria to or tambo This shuttle from Lanseria to OR Tambo will get you to OR Tambo in under one hour, even when traffic is slightly congested. However, if you’re travelling lightly or you’re a single passenger or you and your family are comfortable with transfers, use the Gautrain connect. The Gautrain is a rapid rail system that services OR Tambo exclusively, from all major surrounding hubs. The route is not variable though.

What is great, is the service provided by Lanseria Airport to the Sandton Gautrain station. Once at the station itself, you’ll be mere minutes away from OR Tambo. Next time you’re at Lanseria, don’t forget to enquire about a shuttle from Lanseria to OR Tambo and the highly convenient Lanseria-Sandton Gautrain train station service. There’s no better way to take the wondering and hustle out of your Lanseria-OR Tambo transfer.

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