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Lanseria Airport Lounges

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Lanseria Airport Lounges

lanseria slow lounge 4Whether you are a company of 2 looking for a chilled space to relax or a group of 50 seeking exclusive VIP treatment, the Lanseria Airport lounge is just the place for you. You and your guests will be treated with great courtesy from the moment you walk through our doors, to the second you leave. Our comfortable facilities, including luxurious furnishings and welcoming service from our friendly staff, will ensure that you have a great experience while enjoying our facilities. The atmosphere at any of the Lanseria airport lounges is great to cool off and relax before or after a flight. You can either choose to sit in the cigar lounge or remain in the non-smoking area for an experience that is most suitable for your lifestyle.

Menu at the Lanseria Airport Lounges

We will serve you with fantastic welcome drinks and take your order for whatever you want to sip on thereafter. Enjoy a creamy cappuccino or divulge on something from our champagne and luxury bar. Our lounges serve a selection of both non-alchoholic and alcoholic beverages; from reserve wines and champagnes to imported and domestic soft drinks and beers. You can also order lanseria slow loungefrom a variety of coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, teas and fresh juice. You will gain access to our complimentary daily newspapers and magazines for a download of the latest news and there is plasma television with satellite channels available to keep you entertained. The services at our Lanseria Airport lounges are available for both commercial travellers and private clients, as well as walk in customers. The Lanseria Airport Lounges also offer a variety of services like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can stop by for a hearty meal prior to boarding your flight or fill up before you embark on your journey back home. The menus offered by the Lanseria airport lounges cater for a vast variety of foods and specials, so there is definitely something for everyone. We even have something to satisfy your late night appetite with our dinner menus. You can order a lovely snack platter if you fancy something more light and quick to munch on. Whatever the size of your appetite or cravings, we guarantee that our Lanseria airport lounges will give you the ultimate experience.

Freshen Up and Relax

lanseria slow loungeShower facilities are also available. Clients that would like to freshen up after a long flight can use our showers to clean up and feel refreshed. We cater for groups and chatter flights travelling through Lanseria airport. Massages and limited beauty treatments are accessible on request. Walk in customers are also welcome to come in and experience our luxurious facilities and services as well. You can enjoy a drink or meal with a friend or book a day of beauty pampering with a loved one. We guarantee that you will receive the same VIP treatment as our travelling clients.

Lanseria Airport Lounge Reservations

Our Lanseria airport lounges are available for private reservation to host small events. Upon request, the lounges can present various entertainment performances such as screenings, live music, lanseria airport loungesdancers, comedians and many more. We will also provide catering from the selection of meals offered by our menus based on your order. Your VIP reservation will be hosted with exclusivity and will allow you absolute privacy. To ensure that your guests have the ultimate experience from start to finish, we encourage that you make your bookings ahead of time and allow us to prepare a grand day or night for you and your friends. You can also choose to have a great time at the award winning Lanseria SLOW lounge. It provides a perfect sanctuary from the fast pace of travel and modern life. The Lanseria Slow lounge offers a mouth watering menu that will leave you satisfied and yet craving for more. The food is freshly prepared by a chef on site who ensures that it is delicious. Their menu is seasonally updated and it includes interesting and creative dishes.

Drinkslanseria airport lounges

Presentation is also a great priority at the Lanseria Slow lounge, and that is why they will make sure to always serve not only enticing meals but appetizing ones too. They have freshly brewed coffee, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. You can choose to either serve yourself with their selfserve service or have a waiter/waitress serve you at your table. Wine tasting is provided by local specialists, Wine Sense. They offer a cellar made of the world’s top range. There is a reason why Slow lounge is called the lounge for busy people. Visit the Lanseria Slow lounge and enjoy a great time away from the hectic activities of everyday life.

Lanseria SLOW Loungelanseria airport lounges

The Lanseria Slow lounge is exclusively for qualifying British Airways customers, qualifying FNB clients, qualifying RMB private bank clients and qualifying guests of Comair. So if you are a qualifying client of any of the listed eligible customers, feel free to walk through to the Lanseria Slow lounge. Any other clients can still enjoy a fantastic experience in all our other Lanseria airport lounges. Our Lanseria airport lounges offer upscale, exclusive and private atmosphere. It is a perfect place for drinks or meals and can be enjoyed by either small or large groups at once. Your journey through the airport will be a pleasurable one. Whether you are waiting for your flight or relaxing after long hours of travel, you can stop and have a good time. Tell your associates about our lounges at Lanseria and you can visit as a walk in customer to enjoy the exclusive experience offered by our great facilities.

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