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Kulula Lanseria to Durban

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Kulula Lanseria to Durban

Kulula Lanseria to DurbanThere are 2 airports to choose from when flying from Johannesburg. They are O.R Tambo and Lanseria and both are internationally based airports. Lanseria Airport is located further north of Johannesburg and is the smaller airport option. It is the only private international airport in South Africa making it the location of choice for private jets to make a landing in the country. The smaller nature of the airport provides more privacy and fewer crowds around. This is also the reason many people are choosing the airport for their domestic flights across the country as well, when in Johannesburg. The Johannesburg to Durban route is very popular in South Africa, with many airlines providing multiple daily flights between the cities. Kulula is one of those airlines.


Kulula Airlines.

Kulula was the first airline to start selling cheap flight fares to South Africans, opening up the world of air travel to many who couldn’t afford it before. Since 2001, their distinctive green planes have been a common sight in the skies and over a decade later they are still going strong. The aircraft they use for their flights are the

  • Boeing 737-400- can carry 162 passengers on each flight
  • Boeing 737-800- can carry 186 passengers on each flight

All of their aircraft are green and fuel efficient. Since it is a low cost carrier there are no options of class seating as all seating is standard. Since the aim of the airline is to provide tickets that are very low in price they do not offer in-flight meals that come standard on ticket fare. They do provide snacks that can be purchased on board the flight. This can only be done with cash for items such as savoury snacks, candies, hot and cold beverages and light alcoholic drinks. All passengers on Kulula Lanseria to Durban flights are given a copy of the Khuluma magazine. This in-flight entertainment is sure to keep all ages entertained. The magazine is an extension of the Kulula sense of humour and each month they choose some of the country’s most comedic talent to guest edit the magazine.

Kulula Lanseria to Durban

Booking Kulula Lanseria to Durban flights

Kulula Lanseria to Durban flights can either be booked online or through their call centre. The call centre is open every day from 7 in the morning until 7 at night. The recommended option though is to do booking online. The advantages are that

  • It can be done at anytime
  • It is faster
  • It is very easy to use their flight search engine
  • All of the available flights for your time and airport locations are listed out for you to peruse and find the one you like best
  • Bookings for Kulula Lanseria to Durban flights can then be done at once

Payments for Kulula Lanseria to Durban flights can be done with the following options

  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • Gift voucher
  • Internet payment
  • Discovery Miles
  • Retailers
  • Travel agents
  • Kulula moolah
  • eBucks
  • Payment at Lanseria Airport


Kulula Lanseria to Durban Check-in

There are 3 options for doing check-ins for Kulula Lanseria to Durban flights

  • The online option opens up 24 hours before the Kulula Lanseria to Durban flight is due to depart. Simply log onto the Kulula website and start the check-in process and choose your seating at this time. The earlier the check-in the better the chance of ending up with a preferred seat
  • Kulula has self-service kiosks at Lanseria Airport for passengers to do their own check-in at the airport. The queues are shorter at this option.Kulula Lanseria to Durban
  • The counter option can be used by those who do not want to check-in on their own and also to have their bags processed for check-in immediately.

The check-in baggage on the first 2 options must be dropped off at the baggage drop off points at least 30 minutes before the flight takes off.

After check-in is done it is time to board the Kulula Lanseria to Durban flight.


Further Information on Kulula Lanseria to Durban flights

  • Kulula allows for carry-on baggage of up to 7kg to be taken on flights as well as a laptop bag/handbag. Any dangerous items found in these carry-on baggage during the boarding security point will be confiscated.
  • All Kulula Lanseria to Durban flight statuses can be viewed on the Kulula website. It is updated every 5 minutes so people doing pickups of passengers at Durban can be sure of up to date information.
  • For every 16 people who book a Kulula Lanseria to Durban flight as a group, there will be one free ticket allocated.
  • Kulula does not provide an unaccompanied minor service and children between 2 and 12 years old must travel with a guardian. Children over 12 are allowed to travel without an adult on Kulula Lanseria to Durban flights.
  • The only animals allowed in the cabin section of the plane during Kulula Lanseria to Durban flights are service dogs who travel free and must be seated next to their owners. All other pets travelling Kulula Lanseria to Durban must travel in the cargo area of the plane. Every effort is taken by Kulula to ensure their safety and comfort. Owners must ensure that the pets are brought with inoculation documents and are well secured in pet traveling cages.


About Lanseria Airport

The airport has recently completed a major renovation project of roads leading up to the airport, the terminal building(which now has more stores), parking bays(more bays) and the runway which has been expanded to be able to handle larger planes. Parking at the airport can be done for a couple of hours, a couple of days or for up to an hour at the pickup zone. The main terminal building is also very child and paraplegic friendly and guests have access to a limited amount of free Wi-Fi. The viewing deKulula Lanseria to Durbanck at Lanseria Airport is pretty impressive and is described as almost being able to touch the planes. For transport needs to and from the airport there are choices of car rentals, a shuttle service between the Gautrain and Lanseria Airports taxi service. Lanseria airport has security manning the premises 24 hours a day on foot, bicycles and Segway’s.

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