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Flysafair Lanseria

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Flysafair Lanseria

About Flysafair

flysafair lanseriaLow cost airlines have proven huge in South Africa. Locals have really taken to using the cheap flights they offer instead of driving from city to city. As the oldest aviation company in South Africa, Safair had decided to take it even further when they launched their commercial passenger airline, Flysafair. With Flysafair, passengers only pay for the flight and nothing else. Checked luggage, which is normally included in most other tickets, can be bought as an additional item. Passengers who travel light, can therefore not be forced into paying for a facility that they do not use. Ticket prices are therefore so much lower. Flysafair is especially great for those for whom the carry-on luggage limit of 7 kilograms is enough, such as business people who will be visiting another city for just the day. Flysafair did things differently with regard to their routes. They started out very small, with flights just between around 3 cities in South Africa. When it came time to add new cities to their routes, they left the voting up to their customers. Customers responded in kind and soon airports like the King Shaka in Durban and Lanseria in Pretoria were added to the Flysafair commercial flight route due to high popularity. Unlike many other low cost airlines who buckled under, Flysafair actually listened to their customer base and in turn grew from strength to strength. Let us have a look at one of their newer routes, Flysafair Lanseria.


About Lanseria Airport

OR Tambo Airport is the biggest and busiest airport in the country, so if you are looking for a smaller and quieter choice, go with Lanseria Airport. It is north of Johannesburg in the city of flysafair lanseriaPretoria. Lanseria Airport has seen upgrades to many of its facilities in recent years and passengers get to experience one of the best airport terminals in the country. First of all, the roads have been upgraded so road travel to and from the airport is smooth sailing. Passengers can be dropped off by a friend right outside of the terminal building or be picked up from here. It is free to park at for a little while. Alternatively, passengers can also make use of shuttles or taxis. If you would want to see someone off or welcome back Flysafair Lanseria passengers, then make use of the parkade and enjoy some time in the terminal. Airline offices, check-in and boarding areas make up just one part of the building. Passengers or visitors can pass their time by doing some shopping or having a meal at a restaurant. One of the unique aspects of Lanseria Airport is its viewing deck. Unlike most which are closed off by massive glass structures, the deck here allows visitors to the airport to enjoy sights of the runway activities from a balcony type arena. It is a fantastic experience, especially for kids. Flysafair Lanseria passengers also get to take advantage of the limited amount of free Wi-Fi provided by the airport.


Flysafair Lanseria Bookings

flysafair lanseriaTo become a Flysafair Lanseria passenger you would have to buy a ticket. To do this, you would have to make a booking. Booking Flysafair Lanseria tickets can be done by visiting any of their sales offices or by going online and doing it yourself. To find all Flysafair Lanseria flights which have empty seats, visit an aggregator site. They will contain a flight search engine which will bring up all of the Flysafair Lanseria flights for the departure and arrival dates you would enter in. Such an example would be the flight search engine found on this websites home page. Once you choose the flight you would want to book, simply select it. From this point on, it is a step by step process of simply adding any additional products such as insurance or baggage, providing some personal information and making the payment for the flight. Flysafair has a secure online payment portal if you would be paying by credit card. Flights can also be paid for at Pick and Pay stores countrywide. Once the booking is confirmed, you will get a reference number. This will be used during check-in.


Flysafair Lanseria Check-in

Check-ins for Flysafair Lanseria flights can be done the old school way at the airport. The Flysafair Lanseria counters open up 2 hours before the flight departs from the airport. Staff at the flysafair lanseriacounters will take your reference number, print your boarding pass and select your seat on the flight. If you have opted to purchase luggage for the Flysafair Lanseria flight then this will also be weighed and sent directly to the bag drop zone via a carousel. Counter check-in closes around 40 minutes before the flight departs, so this gives passengers a very small amount of time to do their check-in. If you feel you would be too stressed out, then you should take care of your Flysafair Lanseria check-in online. This opens 24 hours before the flight is due to depart and will close around 4 hours prior. If you check in this way you would have to print out your own boarding pass, so make sure you have access to a printer. The earlier time also means that you would have a greater chance of selecting one of the prime extra leg room seats if they have not been pre-selected by another passenger during booking. You can now pitch up to the airport and head straight to the boarding gate. If you have purchased checked luggage then you would have to first make a quick stop to the Flysafair bag drop zone. During boarding, you would hand in your boarding pass with either a South African ID, Passport or Driver’s License. Passengers along with their carry-on luggage will have to first pass through security before being let onto the plane.

Flysafair is a low cost airline, so it is just the seating that is covered, albeit in a trustworthy airline with some of the friendliest air staff around. flysafair lanseria

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