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First Car Rental has 49 car rental branches with more than 6 000 vehicles in use in South Africa. They boast branches at all major South African airports, business and tourist destinations. A well-known branch in Gauteng province is the First Car Rental Lanseria airport branch. First Car Rental offers car hire in over 100 countries and 4 500 locations, worldwide. Their rental fleet ranges from no-frills models to top-of-the-range luxury cars. First Car Rental is listed as one of the top 4 car rental companies in South Africa. This is a prestigious first car rental lanseria achievement and it is evident that their actions have an impact on the industry as a whole. First Car Rental enjoys a market share of 11% according to SAVRALA (South African Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association) statistics and boast with 468 employees. First Car Rental Lanseria has been in business for about 15 years going strong. Not only do they work hard to provide excellent customer service but they are actively involved in community upliftment programmes. With this amount of proven dedication towards the community e.g ‘Book Collections Drive’ which its main aim is to collect children’s books, these books are then used to stock revamped libraries in under-resourced schools and youth community centres identified in the M-Net cares Naledi project, it is evident why First Car Rental Lanseria is in the top 4 car rental companies in South Africa.

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Other initiative First Car Rental Lanseria has come up with is providing consumers who are not familiar with the area an option of a GPS in their cars. But why not just make use of cabs instead, some would ask. Well, taxis are great when you’re staying in highly concentrated areas. If you’re traveling to a city that’s spread out, like Johannesburg, First Car Rental Lanseria makes more sense.

With any trip it is important to plan out your costs in advance, you book your hotel in advance, and you plan your activities in advance. With First Car Hire Lanseria you can also determine how much your average cost of transport is going to be. This will help when you want your trip to stay in budget as you are able to determine beforehand what your

first car rental lanseriacosts will be, so there’s no guess work involved. With added tips and unexpected trips or traffic jams, the cost of a taxi can easily fluctuate e.g Johannesburg peak hour traffic, a nightmare to any motorist and a horror film to a passenger in a cab. The primary benefit of renting with First Car Hire Lanseria is that it gives you the power to handle your time and activity when you do your trips. This is very efficient for both comfort and schedule because you can choose which path to take, how long each of your activities and other side trips that might interest you will take. It gives you freedom of choice to dictate the course of action when you do your travels. With lots of scenic views along the road, you might want to stop the vehicle to take a quick picture or two which is highly possible when you drive your own car.

The First Car Hire Lanseria fleet is impressive, with a choice to suit all needs when travelling. The range of hatchbacks is ideal for those travelling alone or with a partner as it offers enough of space for luggage and is light on petrol when traveling on a budget. The sedans offer a comfortable drive with more space for passengers and boot space for luggage. It is ideal for families or a small group of people. Sedans are also available in the higher end range with exclusive vehicle offerings such as BMWs and Mercedes. First Car Hire Lanseria also offers up SUV type vehicles, or 4x4s which can be used for off road travel. The van range comes with or without canopies. Charter buses are also available for hire which seats a group of people comfortably and gets them to their destination in one vehicle instead of hiring out multiple vehicles. Hiring of vehicles at First Car Hire Lanseria is a good way to test out vehicles if you are intending to purchase that model.

General Information on First Car Hire Lanseria

  • First Car Hire Lanseria allows you to purchase cars from their fleet. Cars available for rental are between 12 to 24 months old so they defleet quite regularly. They offer a great deal of second-hand cars with full service histories. Cars are routinely checked and maintained between rentals so you can be sure you are getting a good deal not to mention that first car hire lanseria offers a before and after sales service which is not common when purchasing second hand cars.
  • First Car Hire Lanseria is located within Africa Lodges
  • First Car Hire offers experienced chauffeurs to drive you around. They are available for airport transfers, getting you to meetings on time or allowing you to arrive at an event in style. For those not familiar with Johannesburg’s surroundings it is a good option to not get lost. First Car Hire Lanseria direct transfers can be done in many vehicle types from economy sedans for affordability, to luxury sedans for that luxurious drive to coach vehicles to transport a group of people.
  • The First Car Rental website allows for you to amend or cancel bookings
  • First Car Hire Lanseria also allows you to get your invoice emailed to you. The convenience this offers also impacts the environment positively.
  • The Cristil facility available on the First Car Rental website allows customers to log complaints or queries or offer compliments on services and vehicles. Queries are always attended to and you can also view the progress of your complaint.