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Europcar Lanseria is a trusted name by many…

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Imperial Car Rental and Europcar joined forces in 2007, and in June 2009 launched Europcar, the trusted South African brand that weuropcar lanseriae know today. The company is owned and managed by the Imperial Group and operated exclusively as Europcar since 2009. Europcar has been in operation for about 33 years strong. Europcar is a highly established rental company in southern Africa and have been voted as Africa’s Leading Car Hire Company at the 2011 World Travel Awards – for six consecutive years. They have grown to be one of the largest car rental company in South Africa. They own a fleet of over 220,000 vehicles at over 3,000 locations in over 160 countries. Quite impressive numbers.  Europcar Lanseria is another well established and efficient branch in Gauteng.  What might be the possible cause for Europcar Lanseria  to stand out or even be partially  different from other car rental companies?  Well this article is going to try decipher what makes Europcar Europcar.

Pick ‘n Pay Smart Shopper and Europcar

To differentiate itself from other car rental companies, Europcar Lanseria has started a loyalty program. Quickly go onto their website and start the booking process, after selecting a vehicle, you then select Pick ‘n Pay Smart Shopper from the list of Loyalty programs and follow the instructions. The end result after payment is receiving 5000 PnP Smart Shopper points.  No consumer would say no to free PnP Smart Shopper points. Times get tough, and those points will be useful one day. Europcar Lanseria understands its consumers and strives to stay informed and move with the times. There is never a stagnant moment in this company.  This is might possibly be another reason why consumers pick Europcar Lanseria over their competitors.

Not only do they have a fleet ranging from budget cars to suv and luxury cars, they also have impeccable customer service. Europcar Lanseria can be easily spotted at Lanseria International Airport as the green and yellow logo easily stands out. Their logo is not green for green sakeeuropcar lanseria but they are going green by reusing water used to wash their cars. A system has been put in place that cleans dirty used water, so that the clean water can be used on other cars again. Clearly this is something some consumers might appreciate in a car rental company.  Being in service and having a global foot print surely does work in their favour. It is a clear indication that Europcar Lanseria understands its consumers, as their growth doesn’t seem to stop. You can rent a car with them for short term or long term depending on your needs. Just go on their website and look out for special promotions, there will always be something that catches your pocket. If you want to save cost, make use of a reliable and trusted rental company and travel in style then you can sure bet Europcar Lanseria is the rental car for you.

General Information on Europcar Lanseria

  • Only someone who has had a driving license for 2 years is allowed to rent a vehicle at Europcar Lanseria. Renters under 23 years of age are required to pay a surcharge.
  • The Europcar booking feature on this website allows you to book a car in 3 easy steps. That is, you select your dates and locations (rental period and pickup branch), vehicles and enter in your personal details. The results are produced within seconds.
  • DriveClub, by Europcar offers you to get great benefits such as 10% of rental rates, upgrade on every 5th rental and exclusive promotions and competitions. Membership can be done online on the Europcar website.
  • Vehicle classifications at Europcar Lanseria are small, medium and large. Small vehicles are hatchback types and medium focuses on sedans. The large vehicles consist of SUV, double cabs and mini coaches. Each vehicle types offers several car brands to choose from.


  • Europcar has a 24 hour call centre and roadside assistance. So for accidents, tow services or any other car trouble, they are fully available to attend to your needs.


  • Europcar partners include Kulula Airlines, Discovery Vitality, Good Fellas, Togo Sun and Absa Rewards among others.


  • Europcar BusinessConnect allows small to medium enterprises all the benefits of a corporate booking system that big businesses use. If your business qualifies for BusinessConnect you will be eligible for express queuing, even faster online booking tools, lower rates, and electronic VAT compliant invoices and statements.


  • The Europcar Lanseria vehicle extras consist of navigation systems, bicycle racks, baby seats and hand controlled steering. Navigation systems are a necessity when in a new city and you are not familiar with directions. The hands free devices allow for verbal directions that can be easily followed without losing concentration while driving. Bicycle racks can be mounted onto the back of rented vehicles so bikes can be transported safely. Child seat rentals are a must if travelling with a baby or toddler on South African roads. It is against the law to simply carry a child in your arms as evidence has proved that child seats offer more protection in the event of a collision.


  • A percentage of all car rentals at europcar lanseria is donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. This forms only a part of Europcar’s commitment to social responsibility.


  • All vehicles at Europcar Lanseria are subjected to a 30 point check before being rented out to ensure fully roadworthy vehicles.