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Cheap car hire Lanseria airport companies provide superior service !!!!

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With so many cheap car hire Lanseria airport companies on the premises it wouldn’t make sense paying anything more than the competitive price. The advantage of having car rental companies at Lanseria Airport is that you do not have to walk far, just around the corner you will find your first car hire office.  Comparing quotes becomes so much easier. You move fromcheap car hire Lanseria airport one company to the next comparing until you find a deal that works just for you. With more companies entering cheap car hire Lanseria airport market, companies had to find other means of differentiating themselves. In the past when flying wasn’t so common, rental car companies used to be quite on the expensive side. Now as more people are choosing flying and the consumers come from different backgrounds and ethnic groups etc., rental car companies had to start providing more options and creating different packages as consumers are not all the same. Some consumers are price conscious; some are quality conscious others are both price and quality conscious. Companies cannot use ‘one shoe fits all’ policy. One thing is for certain, cheap car hire Lanseria airport is a norm.

Two other ways car rental companies differentiate themselves besides by cost:

  1. Speed of delivery– This is ranked high by most consumers and is a benefit that most people value and are willing to pay extra for. If your rental company can implement systems that speed up the whole rental process, then you have a competitive advantage worth pursuing.  Most consumers would do anything to avoid having to stand in a long queue.


  1. Availability-It doesn’t matter how big a brand is but if consumers have to wait and be delayed for a rental vehicle then that is probably the last time that consumer will make use of the service. A brand needs to readily available in more places than the competition , this is another competitive advantage.


Other initiatives cheap car hire Lanseria aiport companies embark on is loyalty programs. This is a great way to generate repeat renting and build a solid customer base. These types of rewards can create brand preference especially when the products are not easily differentiated. It is very important to keep things simple, from the subscribing to collecting and redeeming the reward, making things complicated can pcheap car hire lanseria airportut of the consumer.

Another initiative cheap car hire Lanseria airport companies do on a regular is after sale service. This means after the consumer has used the rental vehicle and dropped it off at its location, they would receive a follow up call or email thanking them for making use of the service. It is very important that even when sending the email, that the customer’s name is used. This makes the email more personal and the consumer develops a feeling of trust for the company. This strategy is well used by cheap car rental Lanseria airport companies. Cheap does not necessarily mean inferior quality. This is proven everyday by rental companies at Lanseria airport.