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Cash car hire Lanseria Airport is the future

cash car hire Lanseria airport

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So you want to hire a car for a weekend away.  The first thought that comes to mind is that you have to own a credit card to do so.  Do you go borrow your friend’s credit card? No good friend would even think about allowing you to use their credit card for such or do you make use of public transport because you do not have that plastic card that is needed to perform the transaction. Well times have changed and cash car hire  Lanseria airport is an option. You cannot turn away a customer just because they don’t have a credit card. Companies have adapted to times and are more willing to offer other option. The term ‘paying cash’, does not necessarily mean carrying thousands of rands in your wallet. This is of course not a safer option but still acceptable, paying cash means making use of your debit card. Why are people moving towards paying cash for care hire instead of credit cards?

Top 4 reasons:

Firstly, you can avoid the potential of identity theft with cash car hire Lanseria airport. Most people don’t own a credit card for this reason

Secondly, marketers and credit card companies track every financial decision you make. You know those annoying messages you receive on your smartphone, emails and promotional calls you tend to get, well the data that marketers pick up through credit card purchases is used for such.

Thirdly, my favourite; interest rates. Essentially using your credit card is getting a mini loan from your bank. Interest rates on credit cards tend to be much higher than of loans. So your placing yourself in debt every time you make use of a credit.

Lastly, if you planning to stick to a budget then cash is the best choice for you. With cash car hire Lanseria airport there is no room for overspending unlike with credit cards, meaning if your trip is going to consume 1000 km, you do not go a kilometer further. You are limited to only what you have and thus you make conscious decisions.

These 4 reasons for choosing cash car hire Lanseria airport over credit can be applied to any area in your life and not just car hire in general. Lanseria International Airport has a broad range of car rental companies on their premises, and most of the established compancash car hire lanseria airporties offer that cash hire option.  Tempest care rental offers cash car hire at Lanseria airport and other branches across South Africa.  You are also able to book online and pay via debit card. Another company that offers cash car hire Lanseria airport is Sixt rent a car. With Sixt rent a car paying with debit order will limit you to certain vehicle options. You can rent the vehicle for a maximum of 28 days, so you need to remember this if you planned trip is longer. Paying cash doesn’t mean waiting for the last minute and doing everything manually. It offers you the same liberty credit cards do.