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Avis Lanseria Airport and being green…

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Let us start this article with a brief history of Avis. The founder of Avis car rental is Warren E Avis, he was the first attempt to link car rental with airline travel. He was a Ford dealer from Detroit who opened America’s first car rental counter in December 1946 Avis Lanseria airportat Willow Run Airport. It was then called Avis Airline Rent a Car System. The word airline was later removed. Fast forward to 1967 in South Africa Zeda Car Rental and Tours (Pty) Ltd was an established company in Bloemfontein whom Federale Volksbeleggings Bpk acquired majority shareholding in the company, they went into a joint venture with Avis Rent A Car Systems Incorporated.  After adopting the Avis name, the business expanded.  By 1972, the car rental business could be found at all major cities in South Africa and well represented country-wide.

Avis spent about R 250-million on upgrading its turnaround facilities and selected rental branches around the country between 2007 and 2009. One well Know branch is the Avis Lanseria Airport branch, which is at Lanseria International Airport. Avis Lanseria Airport has been in this business for many years and has grAvis Lanseriaown with each year making sure they keep up to date with the current happenings around the globe. In 2009 Avis became the first car rental company to become carbon neutral. A great success for Avis.  Extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes the overall temperature of the planet to  increase,such an increase in temperature is called global warming. This causes the climate to change in unpredictable ways, from floods to heat waves and droughts. Avis Lanseria Airport saw the role they played with their rental fleet and took initiatives to reduce their carbon foot print. To those consumers who are actively trying to reduce their carbon foot print, Avis Lanseria Airport is a great first choice in car rental companies.  Avis Rent a Car South Africa achieved CarbonNeutral  certification on the 1st of September 2008. The Avis Carbon Neutral program in broad terms basically means that they measure their own business carbon footprint, set targets to reduce it and offset the remaining emissions to net zero – all in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, the global standard for CarbonNeutral  certification. Avis Lanseria Airport is doing their part as a company.

Here are a few tips that you can follow when driving to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tip 1: Choose a rental car that is fuel efficient and only go for a larger vehicle when you absolutely have to. Avis Lanseria Airport has a fleet of cars to choose from.

Tip 2: Be a bit more patient when driving.  Stop rushing up to stop lights, passing frequently, accelerating unnecessarily  as this causes wastage of fuel.  Stop being in a rush and start enjoying the drive.  Why not leave an extra 10 min early to avoid rushing to places ?

Tip: 3 Don’t allow the car to idle for long periods. Idling for more than 10 seconds results in using more fuel than turning the car off and back on again.


Avis Lanseria airport

General info on Avis Lanseria Airport


  • Avis Lanseria Airport has a Chauffeur Drive facility that is offered in a vehicle of your choosing, from sedans to SUV’s and even luxury vehicles. The chauffeurs are fully competent and qualified staff members and all are English speaking. Avis Lanseria Airport offers tour guides as well. The main language medium is English however Avis tour guides can be requested, who speak other languages as well.
  • Avis car sales offers unique benefits that are not much seen when purchasing second-hand cars. They offer a full accident and service history as well as a 30 day exchange plan. If you are not happy with any of the mechanical components or drive of the car then you can return it. All avis lanseria airport vehicles are fitted with Datadot technology. This is a unique identification system that is sprayed onto all components on the vehicle. This is so criminals can’t take apart the car for parts to be resold.
  • The luxury car range at Avis Lanseria Airport are the latest models, less than 12 months old and have less than 60000 km on the clock. Reservations for this option of vehicles are handled solely by a special Avis Luxury Collection Brand Ambassador. Luxury cars can also be driven by a chauffeur if you would need so for a special occasion.
  • Trucks within the Avis Lanseria Airport range are up to 12 tons. These include options with drop-sides, van bodies, roll back and refrigerated trucks. As well as trucks Avis provides drivers, assistants, tarpaulins, trolleys, straps, padlocks, cell phones and cross border permits if requested.
  • Avis car hire has many travel partners such as City Lodge, Three Cities Exceptional Lodges, South African Airways, Lufthansa and Momentum which offer a variety of rewards and discounts to equal into massive savings.


  • All vehicles hired at the Avis Gauteng branches are fitted with e-Toll tags. Payments for these tolls when travelling on Gauteng’s freeways will be included in the invoice with the total e-toll cost incurred during the rental period.


  • Avis allows for retrieving your rental invoices online. You will have to first register for an Avis e-Invoicing profile which will allow you access into the system to retrieve your email.


  • The Avis safari rental uses only the latest vehicle models. The vehicles used for safari tours have a vehicle stability program, traction control and a tyre pressure monitoring system. All Avis safari rental vehicles are fitted with solar panelling systems for added convenience.