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Car hire Lanseria

Renting a car in this day and age makes much more economic sense then a couple of years ago. The reason being that more people are in need of this service and more companies are entering the market to provide this service. You can enjoy any city in a comfortable luxurious car within your own time schedule which sadly cabs don’t offer such. So if you will be gracing Johannesburg and making use of Lanseria International Airport which used to be a quiet grass strip and has transformed itself in thirty years into one of South Africa’s busiest and well used airports, then we have a couple of things to look at. There are many car rental companies at the Lanseria Airport. You have an option of planning ahead of time or making use of the many car hire Lanseria companies on the premises. So if you are like me and always leave things to the last minute, then this piece is definitely for you. There are many Lanseria Airport car rental options and you may feel overwhelmed, they range from big companies with many branches across South Africa to small independent companies without a national footing. With all this choice you have a great deal of responsibility in your hands, my advice is to do proper research so you know what  is for offer and at what cost, and whether you like the fleet of cars on offer or not. In the next few paragraphs we are going to look at a couple of car rental Lanseria companies and what each has to say about their services. This will give you an above average insight of what to expect from car hire lanseria companies.

Car hire Lanseria airport companies:

First Car rental Lanseria

Hiring a car is a must when you are visiting a major city be it a quick two day business trip or a family vacations. There is a lot to of sightseeing in Johannesburg. Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill to mention few. When you arrive at the Lanseria Airport, First Car hire Lanseria offers passengers the opportunity to hire a car of their choice. They have a fleet of cars to choose from. The vehicles range from Chevrolet Spark to Toyota Hilux Van, this will be great if you a planning to go of road and on a little safari. They offer the convenience of booking online. Their website is use friendly. It is easy to get a quote from them and to view the fleet of cars in offer. They have a contact centre where consultants can answer any queries you might have.

Europcar at Lanseria Airport

Another car hire lanseria Airport company is Europcar. In 3 easy steps you can be driving off with a rented car of your choice. The website is also user friendly and provides pictures for those individuals like me who don’t know how each car looks like. Europcar Lanseria offers low cost car hire, great service as well as top of the range cars to choose from. So you rented a vehicle with Europcar Lanseria and have a few days left in your business trip, what now? Well, Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site is an option along with the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve. Why not take a quick drive and enjoy what Johannesburg has to offer. Europcar Lanseria offer short-term car rental and discounted long-term rental rates on selected vehicles. So if you are going to be staying in Johannesburg for a couple of months, then car hire is your best choice. They also offer insurance that suits your needs, this is another benefit of Europcar Lanseria

 Tempest Car Hire Lanseria

Tempest Car hire has over 3000 vehicles to choose from. They have built a reputation of offer excellent customer service and rental rates that beat many rental car companies. They understand the consumer pocket and strive to offer competitive prices and great quality while at it. Tempest car hire has been in business since 1986, they had plenty of time perfecting their business model to what it is right now. Their fleet includes, economy cars, hatchbacks, luxury cars and people carrier. You have ample to choose from with Tempest car hire lanseria ,  sit back and browse our website and find what you are looking for. You are guaranteed to receive great customer service and affordable prices.

I have mentioned few cheap car hire Lanseria options but this is still not enough to convince some to opt for car hire at Lanseria. Car hire lanseria in general offers a lot of benefits to the travelling individual. I have mentioned a few benefits, like being able to travel to various places around Johannesburg for sightseeing purposes, renting a car that suits your pocket, excellent customer service and lastly convenience of doing everything online. Some other benefits I want to discuss further especially for those individuals who are planning to stay in Johannesburg for a couple of months is renting a car for those few months instead of going everywhere using public transport.  Car Rental companies offer GPS in their cars, so you are rest assured that getting lost is not an option when you have this little device in your car, secondly if there is anything wrong with the car you can call and inform any of the consultants at the contact centre and they will have it fetched wherever you are and replace the vehicle with another one. The fear and financial woes of breakdowns are instantly. What about mileage? This is a cost saver for you when using a rented car. The reason I treasure rented car most is the option of dropping off your car at various listed places. Meaning that you can drop it off anywhere that is closest to you, another time saver don’t you think.  Other car rental options that is commonly search for is cash car hire as this is a convenient option if you do not have a credit card.
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